Saturday, July 29, 2006

Doping up the Cat

Not sure I have blogged the fact the cat was caught under the hood of the car about 3 months ago when the car motor was started. She was cut deeply around the neck in at least three places and survived. The vet admitted he had never seen a case so ugly. I could go into details.....but it would not be pleasant.

Recently, the nerves in that area have rejuvenated. She is feeling something as she is scratching herself mercilessly. I cannot imagine anything itching so badly you would self mutilate. But that is exactly what she is doing. Perhaps it is akin to loosing a limb. You still have the feeling your amputated hand is attached, but it is not.

She has made two patches of open wounds again, where all had been healed. I took her back to the vet. He has put her on some medications, which I am thinking are not only making her want to sleep (which is okay) but are making her want MORE!

Great, a loopy, drugged cat on the loose. (Actually NOT on the loose, as she is NEVER going to see the light of day outside of this house again.)


When she is fully "under the influence" she has trouble making her hinnie go the direction she is hoping for. She tries to jump up on the couch and misses it by quite a distance. Very cheap entertainment. Not wanting anyone to think she has failed, she goes into a slow motion somersault...... bits of saliva dribbling down the corner of her little chin. I would not call it a clean dismount.

I found her yesterday batting at something on the floor. It totally had her attention. I have never gone over to check on her "plaything" and NOT found a bug or a lizard. This time, however, she was waving her power padding paws at NOTHING.....not even a hair berry.

She was happy....ever SO happy!

If this medication trial fails....(still have a few more days to go) she will be back under the knife. The vet believes he can remove the patches and make a difference for the better. I frankly don't understand his reasoning. If taking most of her shoulder muscle in the initial operation created this problem, how is taking out more flesh going to be of benefit? I am not so sure she has much left to give.

When I think of how much pain she has already suffered, I literally get a stomachache. She is a very brave cat. I know there are times she dreams about the accident because as she is sleeping her back legs are doing a treadmill action at a mighty swift pace.

In the meantime, I am putting tea tree oil on her neck area. I think the smell of it, if nothing else has prevented her from attacking herself. She is so pitiful looking.....


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