Monday, July 03, 2006

First Post

Wow, my very first post! Actually going to keep tabs on myself ~ my comings and goings. Guess I will have to spruce up my life a bit. Maybe actually GET a life. Spent time at the beach today. I have always wanted to live at "a" beach. Strange how you can live only four or five blocks from an entire ocean and get so caught up in life you forget it is there. So many houses have been built to block the view, it is entirely possible to not even SEE it while you are driving every morning parallel to the water. I will not be starting school for another three to four weeks. Still not sure my choice of changing my major is going to take place. Have not formally heard from the college ~ except regarding an orientation I have to attend. I am determined not to freak over the lack of notification....yet. Perhaps this is the vacation I have been waiting 4 years to take. Why is it when you have the time it does not coincide with a hefty bank account? Kinda like going shopping when you have the time and money and no idea of what looks good on you any more. I use to write ALOT. Be patient with me ......I may get better at this as time progresses.


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