Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fourth Of July Celebration

I cannot explain how much I miss having the family feeling of the Fourth of July. It use to be a huge deal with my family of origin.

My father was not so keen on the whole firework purchasing, as he believed it to be a waste of money......that was, until my son was born. My dad began to see how important traditions can be through the eyes of a small child who could hardly contain himself with exuberance. My son even had a little dance he would do while viewing the blast off (or excessive noise factor.)

Little man was so into the whole fireworks display each year. It started at VERY early age. He had me terrified as to his future career plans. As it turned out ~ thank goodness~ he was merely fascinated with the entire process of pyrotechnics. He got pretty elaborate in his design formations as the years went by.

What I miss most, truthfully, is watching my mother and father watching my son. Youth can bring out the joy and delight even in what might appear to be small and maybe even a pain in the butt to others. Wish I was on the same coast with my son tomorrow. We would be at the beach for sure with a picnic lunch and past memories of wonderful times with grandparents who instilled in me the importance of joy~filled moments. I just hope his new wife shares his passion......I have no doubt the little one in her tummy will grow up to enjoy it....or laugh like crazy watching daddy do "the dance".


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