Friday, July 21, 2006

Had a delightful time at the beach today, even went beyond the waters edge. Water was not as warm as yesterday. A slight breeze made it comfortable. There were quite a few wind surfers. I have always thought my son would be a natural with that sport. I would imagine you would need a lot of upper body strength. Fascinating to watch....remember going to the Dalles in Oregon to watch it done on the Columbia river. Conditions are similar to a natural wind tunnel there, and people come from all over to test it out. One surfer today was taking air. Trying his best to find the highest waves to launch off of.....he would then torque his whole body to turn back on the wave itself. You would have to have a lot of power in your legs as well as upper arms and chest. That was evident when he actually walked out of the water. He had an amazing body. That is NOT the case for the majority of ppl. who come to the I have my doubts as to how many (especially women) ever look in the mirror at their whole image before they step outside in the sunshine half naked. I witnessed a woman strolling her infant down the beach the other day ~ she with only a thong on. Perhaps it was a testimony to how she was able to get her body back into such great shape after having had a baby....but LAWDY! I would never have that kind of nerve.....ever. (well, not in public) :p Looking for another 90 degree day tomorrow. Me being without much capital will probably make it another beachy kinda day. I can still pretend I am a IS a beach resort town after all. Mom use to say it is all in the attitude.......


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