Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I got it....FINALLY in the mail....the long awaited letter of acceptance into the nursing program!!! This will be a repeat of what I took some years ago, but will be okay, as it can lead me into other areas of interest later on. Florida colleges seem to go on a "point system" regarding health careers. The more health related classes I take the better. I need to see if they will accept my last physical and recent criminal background check. If not, it will be a bit expensive and time consuming to repeat. I also need a passport photo ~ most likely for clinicals. I can understand that. Only real concern lies in taking the drug testing. I will most definitely show up possitive for some drugs I take for the fibromyalgia. Voc. Rehab. knows I have this condition....and I told the college. It was their initial idea for me to go into the nursing program ~ after seeing my past college scores and entrance exams. I just have to have a job where I am up and walking around. I cannot be sitting all day long....."jell factor" comes in. All my muscles and tendons freeze up. Wow....this means I get to cut up a little bitty frog or mouse or pig. Oh joy...jubilation!!! Going from taking care of little people all day to blood and guts........ I also have to be current on all my vaccinations...woof, woof. Gotta get busy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So proud of you!! You will make an excellent nurse. 'Bout time you found your way....Congrats!

11:41 PM  

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