Monday, July 17, 2006

I was in a chatroom tonight with a young mother who had a sick child on her hands. She told the room she was looking for some advice. I could not believe how personal many of them got with her. They called her "stupid" and an "idiot" for not taking her child straight to the hospital. I IMed her and asked if I could help in any way. I asked all the questions she would be getting from a nurse. It turned out she IS very knowledgeable. She knew all the signs to look for if things should get worse....and she was very concerned. Her husband is overseas and she felt she had no one to just bat things off on. I almost never give out my phone number, but I felt good about doing it this time. I don't know what I would have done if I had not had my mother's advice. Even though I am a professional nanny, and have been doing it for many years, it is not what I have read in books or learned in school that gave me the wisdom to care for children. When it really was an important issue, many times it was something my mother had taught me years before which held me in good stead. Which is pretty amazing given the fact that she was an only child. It was the goodness of her heart that shone doubt about it.


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