Sunday, July 16, 2006

It has been raining much of today. If I were in Oregon I would probably have a fire going, be laying next to it on a blanket ~ reading. (probably with a cat on my stomach) It can still be cold in July in Oregon. September is when it starts to heat up. In my past memories of childhood I do not remember it being that way. It was hot most of the enough to go swimming at the local park enough for water fights with hoses and balloons. There is one family on my little strip~road who allows their children to be out after dark here. They utilize every moment skate boarding and riding their bikes up and down the road. They are also the only neighbors who wave when I pass in my car. I miss the neighborhood feel of knowing those who lived beside me. Not sure why it has been so difficult for me to make new friends here. I am going to make a true effort at school this term to get to know those around me......friends are essential


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