Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ode to Sole

I have been walking for at least two weeks ~ pretty steady, (pat on the back). I am here to say, if you ever want to get rid of cracked or unsightly skin on the bottom of your feet, just walk three miles every day and you will be guaranteed new feet.

The entire surface of the bottom of my feet has pealed away. While that may sound horrible, it has given me wonderful new skin on my underside. Makes me wonder just what can I do, ~comparably speaking~, to erase the lines and creases on my face......rub sand paper over it for an hour a day?

I had forgotten the words my father said (who ran three miles a day ~ EVERY day) "Always, always turn your running socks inside out." Oh opps! I was just so darn eager to create, reshape, heck...GET a body I forgot the little rules.

One must wear a ton of bug spray....especially here in Florida. If you do not, you WILL be zoned in on like you are prime rib. Even when I remember to spray, there have been times I actually FEEL the spike going into my then it is just too late. If they get it into the skin, I will be itching at least two weeks. How that can be? I have no idea. Allergy to stinger?

Having proper running/walking shoes is a must. And those two words should not be interchangeable. A "running" shoe does not a "walking" shoe make. Taking someones word regarding the "best" is not enough either. You need to try on several different styles and brands to find the one that is right for you. (Now that is BEFORE you have made up your mind as to whether you want to walk or trot about town.) Seriously, I see a correlation between the adage, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." My feet HAVE to be happy. Not slap happy......just hummmming along happy.

Never, NEVER begin an actual run without first warming up and stretching. Oh that one a biggie. I am sold on the idea (just like the rule of "time out") you need to hold that foot up to your buttocks for at least a min. per your year of age.

When in Florida, (or any other state except WA. Oregon, or Alaska) never assume the stick on the ground is just a stick. Think snake....always snake. And large to medium lump can range from dog poop to bull frog. Also, try not to step on lizards.....they are squishy, but they do not go back to their original "form"....believe me. Being the proud owner of a CPR card is worthless at that point.

Keep in mind, all the above advise is coming from a "city girl". There is a WHOLE other list of "do's" when one has graduated to the woods. I'm not going there in this, no, no.

But no matter if you are a city walker, or a week~end hiker, I am certain your feet and the shape they are in is an essential. You have to become a worshiper of your own footsies. You need to heed the words of your mother when she said; "Shoes't leave home without them."

I had to get this message throw squarely back into view on a personal basis before it was a truism (obvious fact). Let it be known, it is NOT a good idea to walk bare~footed three miles on a beach. You are making the possibilities for pain to increase by unknown percentages per mile.

I was walking along the waters edge....looking out to sea as I so often do, when I felt a sharp pain. I thought it only a bit of shell that had perhaps stuck to my foot. I brushed the bottom of my foot lightly against my other leg....walking on a few more steps...and then beginning to limp. I finally stopped in my tracks and hoisted my foot up to my face to see what the problem could be. Blood is a great indicator. ::Heed it:: Of course, butchering my foot could only happen at the point of which I was thinking of turning back towards the car.....yes friends...the furthest point from the car. Yes indeedy.

So, here comes the "Ode":

I pledge allegiance to my feet, yes the feet that belong to me.
And to these feet, upon which I stand,
Yes me, and only me.
I will pamper you.
Properly "shoe" you.
Clean you, and cream you.
So help me God.

Amen, and amen.


Blogger Sharon said...

Oh, that sounds like some of the luck I have. Hope the foot gets better sooner.

9:03 AM  

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