Thursday, August 03, 2006

One Shoe

As a nanny, I have taken care of many children...most of whom have their own particular peculiar personal habits. It has gone from the extreme of only eating four foods (five if you count buggers) age nine by the a child I recently took care of (forgiveable age of one)who only wanted to wear one sock.

The first few times, it was rather cute, but that was short lived.

I soon found myself pulling this child into my lap a multitude of times per day, to make sure they were once again a "two socked little person"....only to find five minutes later, they had taken that same sock off once more. It became a family joke;

"Oh here comes Miss One Sock."

There were times I honestly could not find the said missing sock. It was not the usual ::missing in the dryer:: again, it was Miss Sock at work. I eventually gave up. She was still breathing normally, not frothing at the mouth, or bleeding excessively out of any orifice.

She would survive....just look a wee bit.........well, peculiar.

So be it. I could distance myself from any personal blame, or reflection on my professional nanny expertise. I had, after all, given it my best.

I was reminded of Miss One Sock today while walking on a beach which is usually pristine clean on the eco~scale. After walking for about a half a mile, I began seeing the mysterious one shoe phenomenon. It has always baffeled me how people seemingly of all sizes and ages can loose a shoe in the middle of a major highway.....and it is always one shoe. I have tried to picture how this could possibly happen?

(It has honestly worried me when it is small enough to be a child's.)

But why is it always only ONE? Did someone freak out in the car and grab a fellow passengers foot and yank the shoe off ~ to toss it out the window saying, "See, see what I can do to you?"

Was the person hanging one foot out and an updraft wisked it away?

Was it the results of a double dog dare? I can imagine the jargonized chant;

"I dare you to toss just ONE of your new mega expensive Nike Levitators out the back window. Do it! DO IT!!! Heck, your mom won't even notice.....un huh

I picked up the first sandal...walked a few more feet only to find yet another. At first I said to myself, "Ah, the match for once." But it was not to be. The only commonality was the fact they were both left (and left behind).

All total, I picked up four "halves" of shoes today to deposit in the garbage. Wouldn't you think if someone waltzed onto a beach wearing a pair of shoes, when it came time to walk back to the car they would somehow know something was amiss? Wouldn't they at least feel themselves limping?

And may it be noted, these were almost new flip~flops...each one.

Maybe there is a whole pack of people in the world who started out as "Miss One Sock"and upgraded as they aged to Mr./Ms. One Shoe. Maybe it is a religious thing.....maybe they were secretly obducted to a live with aliens on a One Shoe planet.

So many unanswered questions.

I guess I could try an experiment and toss one of my own shoes out the window.....see what happens. Not thinking my "Ruby Reds" should be an option. I might need them to click back home.

If you are reading this post and you left Mackenzie Inlet today minus a companion to your flip~flop collection, it is possible your other shoe is in the garbage can at the end of the boardwalk. You might want to limp over there an dig it out.


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