Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Walking with Wynonna Judd

Man I wish I had an Ipod. I cannot walk for three miles without listening to something. Tonight's "pick" was the Wynonna live CD ~ History: Scenes From a Lifetime. I have to carry my C.D. player for the duration. Because of my shoulder injury, even something as light as that can make my arm ache. But it is Wynonna...and she at least makes me want to dance through my walk. The pain is still screaming at me. I figure if I keep walking, eventually there will be many more things on my body screaming at me, and I may just put the shoulder on the back burner. I don't remember sweating so much when I was walking three miles in Oregon.....am I getting older??? Does sweating more signal that fact? I am loosing weight. Hope to goodness it is not all water. That would be swell, just swell.....killing myself to be dehydrated. When I finished up tonight (in the dark...not a good idea) I went directly to the frige, only to find there is nothing to drink. I'm gonna die.......


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